Large-Scale Thermal Storage Solution More Efficient Than Water or Ice Systems

PhaseStor uses BioPCM® to store thermal energy within a specified temperature range, greatly reducing HVAC power consumption and extending the life of your HVAC system. Unlike ice-storage, there is negligible material expansion or contraction during phase transitions, allowing for smaller footprint tanks/containers and no system wear due to expansion.

Constant Temperature: When BioPCM transitions between liquid/gel/solid states, latent heat is absorbed or released. Learn More about BioPCM.

Add Bulk Thermal Storage Without Replacing the Chiller

Half the Energy Requirements of Ice Storage Systems.
More Than 10x the Energy Capacity of Water.

Made in the USA
Simple Retrofit
Long Lifetime (30+ Years)

Reduced HVAC Costs
Reduced Maintenance
No Glycol Required

Minimize Your Energy Costs and Maintenance Frequency

PhaseStor thermal storage chills during off-peak hours.

PhaseStor greatly reduces or even eliminates demand on chillers during peak demand periods.

Easily Retrofit Your Existing Chiller System

Add bulk thermal storage to an existing HVAC or process chilled water system without replacing the chiller.



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BioPCM is a patented phase change material (PCM) developed by Phase Change Energy Solutions. BioPCM products yield significant energy and carbon savings by reducing  stress on HVAC systems. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, plant-based and eco-friendly, BioPCM is made in the USA.

How Does it Work?

In PhaseStor, BioPCM absorbs and releases latent heat within a specified temperature range.  Temperature remains constant without leakage or material expansion or contraction. BioPCM provides a long-life cycle system with no deterioration in its physical or chemical properties.

In The Background: BioPCM During Phase Transition

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